Bank NotesHow Do You Make Money Online?

So you’ve been doing some research online and come across something that is known, or referred to, as affiliate programs. Well, affiliate programs are a great way to make money online. But do you really know what they are? If not, read on.

Before delving into affiliate programs, it may be best if you first understand what internet marketing si.

As any business owners knows, they need to market their goods or services to the general public. Since all online customers are internet users, businesses need a way to market their products or services to the internet community.  Hence the term Internet Marketing or IM.

Most businesses these days have an online presence. From manufactures to farmers. From government departments to local gyms. The list is endless!

Internet Marketing covers a wide variety of different marketing methods and all are considered internet marketing in the general sense. One of those methods is called Affiliate Programs or Affiliate Marketing. What’s great about affiliate marketing is that it not only benefits the business owners, but they can also benefit other people just like you.

When a business is selling a product or service online and wants to increase their sales, they seek the assistance of Affiliate Marketers. This assistance is typically sought from affiliates who have access to potential buyers through whatever online business or presence that they have. For example, if the product being sold is a work at home e-book, webmasters running a work at home website are likely to be sought after. The affiliate, will be asked to display such things as links or banners that lead to the seller’s offer or website where the product, in this case a work at home e-book, is available for sale.

As mentioned above, affiliate programs are a great way for businesses to increase their sales and profits, but they are not the only ones who benefit from an affiliate programs; webmasters do as well. Business owners who run an affiliate program usually work in conjunction with an affiliate tracking company. This company uses cookies and other internet technology to track internet user clicks. This means that if an internet users clicks on one of your affiliate links and ends up making a purchase, the tracking software used will record that purchase, when it occurred, and the amount of it. This allows business owners to know exactly how much you helped them out. In turn, you will be rewarded for this assistance.

Speaking of being rewarded, the reward is referred to as a commission and is generally MONEY!. With affiliate programs you receive commission for helping a company generate sales. The type and amount of commission that you receive will all depend on the company in question, as well as the amount that you originally agreed to.

Many businesses who are looking for affiliate partners advertise upfront how much their affiliate partners make. This amount is typically a percentage of the sale or a flat agreed amount. As previously mentioned, that percentage will vary, but it is not uncommon to see percentages from 2% to 3% percent and all the way up to 100%!

YEP, you read correctly. Up to 100% commissions are paid by some business on certain goods and services. How and why this is done is a topic for a later discussion. Suffice to say, the commission paid varies dramatically between what is called niches or sections of the business sector. If commission is not determined by percentage, it will often be a flat rate amount or even free/privileged access to a service ie. Free 6 month Gym membership for introducing a third party that joins the Gym – How easy is that!

In a way, the affiliate program that you choose to apply to will have a large impact on the amount of money that you make. That is why it is extremely important that you choose an affiliate program wisely. It is important that you thoroughly examine the amount of money that you can make through commissions. It is also important that you familiarize yourself with any rules or restrictions that an affiliate program has. For instance, there are some rules as to how you can link to or promote an affiliate product. It is important that you not only familiarize yourself with these rules, but follow them. If you do not, you could find yourself disqualified from participating in the program and even lose all your commissions.

In short, affiliate programs are a great way to make money online. Affiliate programs allow you to legitimately make money online without having to have your own product. It is hard, if not impossible, to find other online money making opportunities like this one.

Are you a webmaster? If so, you are urged to join an affiliate program. As it is generally FREE you have absolutely nothing to loose.

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