If you have any online experience then ‘Michael Cheney’ is a name that you might be familiar with.

Over the years Michael has released many ‘make money online’ products, and he is widely respected within the work from home industry.

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But Michael’s latest product, 7 Figure Franchise, promises to take things to an entirely different level. And Michael’s keen to make that clear on the 7 Figure Franchise website…

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Strong words and very bold promises from Michael, so let’s take a closer look at exactly what’s on offer over at 7 Figure Franchise.

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What Is 7 Figure Franchise?

What Michael is offering here is the online equivalent of what you might normally regard as a franchise business in the offline world (example: a retail outlet).

In a nutshell, as a franchisee for Michael you get to profit directly from the 7 Figure Franchise program as an affiliate, and selling a series of products that have earned Michael $1.1m in the last 12 months, as if they were your own.

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Remember that Michael is a successful marketer with a history of big product launches, so your “franchise” is one that is already proven to sell.

However, to get your 7 Figure Franchise ball rolling, it’s going to cost you a one-off payment of $1997, or 2 payments of $1100.

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The Individual Components Of The 7 Figure Franchise Package

When you buy 7 Figure Franchise, you receive a total of 7 individual components.

Component #1 – $1000 Commissions

When someone buys one of Michael’s high ticket products through your own turnkey promotions, you receive a $1000 commission payment direct into your Paypal account.

Component #2 – $7000 Worth Of Affiliate Promo Material

A series of messages, emails and blog posts used by Michael to generate $1.1m from his digital product collection. Simply copy and use for your own campaigns.

Component #3 – Instant Payouts And 100% Commission On Michael’s Digital Products

Michael claims to have a very strict policy when allowing affiliates to promote his products.

As a 7 Figure Franchise owner, you get automatic approval as an affiliate, and earn 100% commissions on a selection of Michael’s best products.

Component #4 – Event Recordings From Michael’s Sell Out Live Events

Exclusive video recordings of a closed-doors event hosted by Michael where he revealed the secrets to his multi-million dollar online business. People paid $1000’s to attend, but these videos are included with your 7 Figure Franchise purchase.

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Component #5 – Full Access To All Of Michael’s Digital Products And Upsells

Unrestricted access to every digital product released by Michael. He claims that these will contribute greatly to the success of your 7 Figure Franchise purchase.

Component #6 – 1000 Free Visitors

As a 7 Figure Franchisee, Michael wants to help you kick off in style by showing you a series of free/low-paid traffic resources to get you earning ASAP.

Component #7 – 30 Day 1-1 Consultancy With Michael

1-1 dedicated support from Michael for the first 30 days of your 7 Figure Franchise experience. Michael claims he charges $1000 per hour for private consultation, so this component will be very valuable to anyone new to the affiliate marketing industry.

On top of all the components that Michael is providing, he is also providing 3 bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Fast-Track Facebook Traffic

Michael claims to show you the easiest and fastest way to harness the power of social media traffic on Facebook.

Bonus #2 – Money Making Traffic

Another bonus from Michael where he reveals the easiest and most lucrative ways to drive free traffic to your promotions.

Bonus #3 – Even More Free Traffic

And finally, how to get lots of powerful traffic-getting links that will ultimately lead to an increase in traffic to your 7 Figure Franchise promotions.


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On Paper, This Is A Win/Win Situation

As a 7 Figure Franchise owner, you are getting a TON of ready-made digital content that you can earn large commission payments from.

From Michael’s perspective, he also earns his share of the sales and upsells, but perhaps even more valuable is the fact that his name will be spread even further a field as customers get to learn that he is something of an authority within the work from home industry.

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Public Opinion Is Positive…But That’s No Surprise

Products like this where marketers effectively give away reseller rights to their product(s) result in one outcome no matter how good or bad the products might be – positive reviews.

This is because people are basically promoting them as their own products, so it’s totally within their interests to say the products are great.

The 7 Figure Franchise website also features a number of positive testimonials along with details of how much people are earning:

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There’s no way to determine if these posts are true, but I believe they are and shortly I will tell you why.

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So Does 7 Figure Franchise Represent Value For Money?

First and foremost, Michael is a pro marketer. He knows how to maximize profits from his products, up-sells, down-sells AND his paying customers. It’s the nature of his business.

However, trying to evaluate if 7 Figure Franchise is worth the $2k price tag depends greatly on how experienced you are.

Those Facebook comments above where people are celebrating $1k commissions?

I believe these are true because experienced marketers with an established website and list of subscribers can easily make money with this.

They already have the traffic in their lists, so it’s as simple as sending out an email and watching those $1k commissions drop in.


How about someone new to making money online?

Sure, the training promises to help set everything up, but it is highly unlikely that they will be able profit as quickly, if at all.

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Is 7 Figure Franchise A Scam?

No it definitely isn’t.

Michael has clearly outlined what you will be doing and how much everything costs.

My biggest concern with this product is not so much what it is, it’s more to do with the fact that Michael is attempting to attract newbies to it.

No newbie should realistically spend $2k on this product without first gaining some experience in affiliate marketing.

Only then would they be in a position to evaluate if 7 Figure Franchise is right for them.

Do you have any experience with Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise?

If you do I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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