There has been a number of reports in the media about allowing the younger Australian (15 to 17 year olds) the right to vote.

financeUnfortunately, a growing number have never been in (or have very limited experience in) the work-force. Expect things to be handed to them rather than work for them. Rely on handouts from family, charities & governments. Can’t see beyond their immediate circumstance. Seemingly don’t give a toss about anyone but themselves. Never experienced life beyond their smartphone. Never traveled and seen for themselves what’s really out there. Don’t really know what they’re voting for. Easily led and influenced by peers. Wouldn’t have a clue about politics, finance, defense, education, social welfare, immigration, history, geography, science, mathematics, religion etc, etc ,etc. My, my, my, what is the world coming to!

Oh Sorry!, you thought I was talking about the “kids” did you? Sorry to disappoint you. Those are the ones that already have a voice in shaping our nation. Not a lot of difference is there!

Now I may not agree with the younger generation (hell, half the time I can’t even understand them) but are they so different or unable to make a rational informed decisions. Sure, they may be young, naive, idealistic, passionate, ignorant & vocal instead of the “mindless sheep” of the older generations but does that mean that what they have to say is any less important than the “wise” elders. I THINK NOT.

There is a growing trend around the world against traditional politics, People have had enough. They want change. Perhaps it’s time for a real shake up. Perhaps it is time to listen to the kids.

What are your thoughts?

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