What is Trendds? – A review

Content is essential. It is said to be the heart of most successful digital marketing campaigns. It helps bridge connection to your target audience and influences conversions so that you attract and convert customers. Content is a way to educate your audience about the product and what it can provide them, this way you are building trust and establishing a good relationship to your potential customers.

There are 60% of consumers who enjoy reading relevant content before making a purchase. It is an effective tool to reach and engage customers but making a content that is informative and relevant can sometimes be daunting but Trendds will take away the heavy lifting from you and make it all easier.

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Trendds is an evergreen content system for 100% free traffic and passive income daily. This means it can provide you with a content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers. An evergreen content lets you maximize content marketing startegy to its full potential because the content stays useful to an audience.

This revolutionary system is an automated software that requires no writing, no research and no technical skills which take so much of your time and resources. With Trendds, you are only expected to contribute less than 2 minutes of your time per day and you will have the evergreen system that can work in any niche.

Trendds exactly knows that “Content is King”, this will set you apart from other marketers out there. Success on digital marketing is based around a great content and you can have it with Trendds.

How Does Trendds Work?

The majority of the success of the biggest blogs and websites in the world is because of content. It is called the heart of digital marketing because it drives traffic and revenue. Famous sites generate thousands of income daily and you can do what they have been doing to successfully earn in just a few steps and with 99% less work.

In under 2 minutes, Trendds, a content-generation software will provide you a content that is popular and trending or what others would label as going viral, and this will bring you profit.

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The 5 simple steps are:
Choose a particular niche or put together a multi niche.
Discover trending keyword searches and topics related to your site.
Locate amazing content based on the niche you have chosen and curate it and republish it on your own site.
Content gets ranked in the search engines and people land on your website.
Properly monetize the content in order to make passive income.
There are even ways to filter your searches like time period and language and you can sort it according to its relevance, likes, shares or comments to separate the good stuff from those mediocre ones.

It is your choice, to choose the easy way which Trendds offers or the old way which is time consuming. And even if you don’t have your own website, Trendds comes with a custom theme, layout design with plugin if you want to create one.


Your investment is safe because it is backed with a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

There is no monthly subscription only a onetime payment.

After getting Trendds, you will have instant and full access to the platform which is a web-based software.

Trends can also help you create profitable blogs and news sites which you can sell to other interested parties.

Trends can be used by anybody. Whether you are a newbie who wants to make money online, current blog owners who want to drive more traffic, niche online marketers who are looking for unique niches, net site owners who are having a hard time starting their own site, online marketers who want to drive traffic for more profits and you who are just learning how to start a real online business.

Trends will never die, there are always there, that is why you can be sure that with Trendds you will always get hot and in demand trending content that you can use in your own blog or site.


You will need internet connection to access and run this system.

Trendds access is IPN linked to your payment so if you will ask for a refund of your investment, your access will be cancelled immediately.


Content matters, but not just any content, you have to make sure that your content is fresh, informative, useful and in-demand to set you apart from other online marketers and Trendds will provide you just that so you can publish it on your site and start driving traffic and generating sales. You can accomplish this with just a few steps and as little as 2 minutes of your time per day.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, rather a software that lets you have a real online business made easier to implement. You have to know how relevant it is to rank on search engines by using trends and keywords because it is the way people will be driven to your page, which you can maximize and convert into sales.

Make your sites profitable with trendy and evergreen content, something that Trendds specializes.

An Evergreen Content Creation System that drives traffic and passive income.Let Trendds do the hard work of creating an evergreen, engaging content that will drive leads and sales.

  • Fully Web Based
  • Newbie Friendly
  • Simple Steps to Follow
  • No Monthly Subscription
  • Trending content
  • Needs Internet Connection



Value for money


Ease of use


Features and Fuctions




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