After MAinternet marketingNY years of internet marketing I wanted to venture in to the world of developing my own products. Sounds easy, doesn’t it!

Well where to start?

In all honesty, I needed help. I had so many ideas but how was I going to put those ideas into any semblance of a business model. After countless hours (months actually) of browsing the internet for some sort of guidance, I stumbled across one of John Thornhill’s posts and hence my journey began.

First Steps.

So, this is my very first post, on my brand new blog, on my first week of the Partnership to Success journey. Oh boy, what have I let myself in for, and will I be able to retire soon?

Being a bit of a know-all, it was difficult for me to sit back and be guided by someone else but I persisted and this is my journey! Initially, I was humming and harring about the investment. Like so many people I don’t really have the cash to throw away on a “get rich quick” scheme but I am at a point in my life where retiring from the traditional workforce is too close for comfort – about 15 months.

I have dabbled in trying to make money on the internet for ages. Never buying into any schemes, choosing FREE products, FREE how-to’s & looking for a FREE Ride because I had a website. I honestly thought that all I had to do was have a website and the business would build itself – Boy was I wrong. I literally stumbled across a webpage & something in me said “What the heck Les”, so I signed up and so my journey begins!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not afraid of hard work. The problem was that I didn’t know what the heck I was doing (and that’s not easy for me to admit). Truth is, I still don’t but I’m going to learn one step at a time.

Speaking of one step at a time. The course so far has been extremely well put together. Each step is compact and concise. So much so that I completed all the first week’s training in 1 hour. I then had to request that I be fast-tracked through the course so tomorrow I can continue at my own pace.

So What have I managed to achieve this week?

  • I registered my domain name
  • Set up my web hosting account
  • Installed WordPress, tweaked a few settings and installed a magic Theme
  • Wrote this! – My First post

I will be giving regular updates as I progress through the course and hope you will be inspired to take the journey with me into the internet marketing world.

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    2 replies to "Partnership To Success – The journey of a lifetime"

    • Stuart Smyth

      Hi Les,

      Looking good, well done, making the first move!

      My advice to you and advice that I have been given is to stick at it. However, I have found this to be difficult at times, family commitments and illness have put me right back to the beginning at times. I also have had technical difficulties in getting things to work but John and his team have been great. 15 months till you retire – 10 years since I retired!

      Maybe you could comment on my blog, please.

      Best wishes

      (North Yorkshire UK)

    • Elizabeth Morales

      Great job Les, your off to a fabulous start. Good luck on you journey, always remember your why and that will help you finish your life goals. You will accomplish great things!

      Best of luck,

      Elizabeth Morales

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