CBproads a Quick Overview

In this article, I will give a quick review of CBproads and show you how to generate money with it.

Cbproads works very well as it is as a ClickBank affiliate program. If you are searching for a home business opportunity that is free yet simple, why not visit cbproads.com. By visiting this website, you will see how to take part in ClickBank affiliate programs and also see how to get your own individual cbproads storefront.

So, what is CBProAds?

Cbproads is an online marketing company that started in 2006. The company primarily specializes in the customization of adverts on publisher sites by giving tool kits, notably promotional training service and software. Cbproads is not some sort of get rich fast scheme or an online money making program, but it is a program that you can utilize to boost your conversion rate if you sell products from ClickBank.

Here is a short Video On Cbproads

CBProAds is a program that will assist you in generating some income, you should note that using it alone will not make you lots of money but the profits generated from ClickBank products are virtually endless.

What I Liked About CBproads

Remember that this is only a program that will assist you in making much more money with your blog or website. There are several advantages that you can enjoy when joining this program. Here is what I like most about this CBProAds.

1. Filtering and Market Research

All the tiring and heavy lifting work on affiliate market research have been carried out for you.

The good thing with CBProAds is that you do not need to spend much time identifying which item has been removed from ClickBank.

You are given full information access to the best hot selling killer products in the market for various niche markets and the outdated or items that are being phased out from ClickBank are filtered off automatically.

2. Build Your Brand by Customizing Your Domain

Although CBProAds can host your digital storefront (which is valuable since you do not need to spend a cent on hosting services), you can select the domain of your choice for that specific storefront link.

In the end, it enables you to build your brand while you focus on acquiring and converting visitors to potential buyers.

3. WordPress Plug-ins

To date, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform and configuration management system (CMS).

There are two types of plug-ins given for those users who wish to set up the digital mall on websites powered via this platform: firstly a  complete ClickBank storefront & secondly the  ClickBank niche storefront.

With this approach, you need to play with WordPress plug-ins and widgets. However, you may need to hire an experienced person to help you configure it or show you how to do it once if you are not comfortable or familiar in setting WordPress.

It is essential to note that it is not a must for one to use the plug-ins at once. Instead, it is just an option for those individuals who wish to set up a mall on websites running on a WordPress platform. This process is quite challenging and needs some technical know-how.

4. ClickBank Mall –An Express Digital Storefront Setup

You can quickly and easily set up a professional yet high-quality digital storefront (a web portal) within a couple of minutes.

Besides, the ClickBank mall (portal) can be customized easily even if you have very little or zero know-how with HTML scripting, website design, etc.

Your online store will be up and operating within a couple of minutes. If you know how to use a touchpad or mouse, then you are ready to go.

What I Didn’t Like About CBproads

1. Traffic Generation is Needed

Although the ads generated by CBProAds for the members are somehow effective, I found out that they can be totally useless unless a member sends sufficient traffic to the websites where the ads are published.

Also, the program does not offer traffic so traffic generation is the user’s responsibility.

Who is CBProAds for?

If you are an individual that already possesses the experience to drive targeted traffic to a blog or website, then this program is definitely for you.

You will genuinely love this program whether you use paid media such as Facebook ads or Bing PPC. The only problem is that Facebook might not approve your campaign since they are not big supporters of affiliate marketers or programs.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced blog owner whose site is already getting traffic, then you can also benefit from this program. However, you must be ready to sell products offered by ClickBank.

If you are a beginner to affiliate marketing or internet, then you might not need to buy this program at this step of your learning curve, but I do highly recommend it.

This program is intended for the much-advanced internet marketers that knows how to drive or generate traffic.

In simple terms, I would say that CBProAds is for anybody that is interested in internet marketing, from seasoned marketers to beginners.

CBproads Training & Tool Overview

ClickBank does not offer its affiliate marketers all the tools and platform to market the products listed for sale at its marketplace.

Nevertheless, it provides an XML feed. This includes a list of items along with the title and description of every item.

But the ClickBank XML feed data is in XML format which the novice ClickBank affiliate members find somehow confusing.

With this, only those with the technical know-how can process and extract the XML data feed.

Here is where CBProAds comes into the equation. It offers the tools to market ClickBank products effectively.

Among the companies giving similar products, it is only CBProAds that provides a large range of multiple tools to the ClickBank affiliates.


CBproads Tools


1. Redefined Ads

I noticed that CBProAds gives members redefined ads of every ClickBank item to help them market it. The company does not believe in showing raw ClickBank item ads to the end buyers.

CBProAds converts the raw XML feed from ClickBank into a simple format in the process of redefinition. By doing this, the changes done helps in the improvisation of title and description of ClickBank products. In the end, it makes the products much more attractive to prospective buyers.

From CBProAds website, you can learn how to the program redefines the raw XML data from ClickBank.

2. Storefronts

This is a valuable component that will greatly help you. Here, I will show you how it works. After creating your own ClickBank account, you will be offered a unique personal affiliate id.

This id is also the username that you will use to sign in to your ClickBank account. Now, when you register with for a CBProAds account you will need to supply your ClickBank id.

You will then have access to a wide variety of sites that you can promote after creating your own account.

3. Ad Generator

This tool allows you to create a personal ad that you can publish on your webpage. The ads are already created but the owner has the capability to alter the color schemes and borders as well.

After customizing your ad, you can then click on the ‘generate script’ button that is placed at the bottom of the page. But you are required to paste the script on the sidebar widget in order to activate it.

4. They help you remove the domain-expired and obsolete ClickBank products

CBProAds asserts that all new ClickBank products are redefined (reviewed) manually by their support team. They also erase all old and domain-expired ClickBank products instantly.

5. They Automatically Update ClickBank Marketplace for You every day

ClickBank adds and removes items for you every day. This demands you to update your storefront product details every day via the XML feed data from ClickBank’s marketplace.

As opposed to other third-party providers, CBProAds are aware of how frustrating this can be to the users. Therefore, they make it easier for you by offering this service.

Well, with CBProAds, you can just get rid of the hassles of updating ClickBank XML feed daily. This is because you share their primary or central database.

The good thing about CBProAds’ central database is that it is updated every day in accordance with ClickBank’s marketplace XML feed data. Also, the centralized database allows your ads, storefronts, and WordPress plugins to remain intact.

They guarantee that whenever ClickBank performs a change, the centralized XML feed is updated as well according to that structure to affirm a nonstop service for the members.

6. Cbproads extracts cover images of all ClickBank Products

Showing the cover image of all products and supplying the item details boosts the look and feel of your ads or storefront. In the end, it dramatically improves your chances of getting a visitor to your website converted to a buyer.

CBproads Support Service

The customer support is just amazing. It works twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. You only need to send an email to the support team where you outline your problems to them.

The Cost of Joining CBproads

There are presently two pricing options available namely Pro (the lifetime pro option costs $ 54.95 – Is currently available for $34.95 for a VERY LIMITED time) and Free option.

The primary difference between the free and pro membership plans is that your ClickBank ID will only appear fifty percent of the times and will be rotated with the ClickBank pro ads link.

It means that you will lose an estimated fifty percent of the revenue that you could have made. Another difference is that you are also restricted to the amount of traffic that you can direct to these ads.

In addition, you cannot take part in the ClickBank ads affiliate membership.

My Final Opinion On CBProAds

If you want to make money easily or love promoting ClickBank products, then CBProAds is what you need.

On the other hand, you need to join CBProAds today if you are not into affiliate marketing as it will help you make a few dollars.

For those that have been in affiliate marketing but have been marketing websites that pay them peanuts, this is also the time to turn into CBProAds.

This company gives you a chance to market ClickBank products where the earning possibility is almost boundless.

By using this organization to promote products from ClickBank, you will get nearly 50 to 70 % commissions on product sales from ClickBank.

If you are a ClickBank affiliate, this is the time to make sales or boost your sales through CBProAds. For those that own affiliate websites, you can start making excellent money today by marketing ClickBank products through CBProAds.

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