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Sendiio Review : What is Sendiio?

This product is the 1st and ONLY auto responder that combines the power of email marketing, Text Message Marketing and Facebook Messenger Marketing ALL under ONE, CENTRAL Dashboard — at a ONE-TIME price!

Your customers can now tap into the 3 MOST profitable marketing channels in ONE PLACE! They no longer have to wonder if email is best, text is best or Facebook messenger is best.

The fact is: THEY ALL WORK and are ALL EXTREMELY Profitable! And they can now tap into ALL of them and maximize their profits!

so basically, sendiio is a web based autoresponder that uses all email , text and facebook messenger under one central dashboard. So the program eliminates the need to use each marketing channel separately.

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you will be able to create unlimited Email , Text Message , Facebook Messenger campaigns.

Sendiio Services:


-Import Unlimited Email Contacts WITHOUT Having to go through a verification process.
-Create Unlimited Email Lists.
-Create Unlimited Opt in Forms to build your list even. further.
-Create Unlimited Follow-Up Sequence Campaigns.
-Create Unlimited One-time Broadcasts Campaigns.
-Fully Flexible Scheduling System For Your Broadcasts and the Follow-Up Sequences.
-Automatic Removal of Bounced Emails for amazing list hygiene.

Text Messages:

-Import Unlimited Phone numbers within SECONDS.
-Create Unlimited Phone Lists.
-Create Unlimited Follow-Up Sequence Campaigns.
-Create Unlimited One-time Broadcasts Campaigns.
-Send UNLIMITED texts without ANY monthly fees by simply connecting to your Sendiio account.
-Full Click Stats on Your Text Campaigns.

Facebook Messenger:

Capture UNLIMITED Facebook Messenger Subscribers.
Easily Create UNLIMITED Follow Up Facebook Messenger Sequences.
-Easily Create Unlimited One-Time Messenger Broadcast Messages.
-FULLY-Flexible Scheduling System For Your FB Messenger Campaigns and follow up sequences.
-Set up an automatic Welcome Message For EVERY New Messenger Subscriber.
-Set up Unlimited “Keyword-Based” Chatbot Replies.
-Set up Unlimited “Keyword-Based” Comment Replies.

So whether you’re doing , Affiliate Marketing , e-Commerce , Digital Product vendor , Local Marketers or a Agency Marketers.

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ANY business, big or small, MUST be implementing Email, Text and FB messenger as part of their sales and marketing strategy. Those that are NOT are leaving a TON of profit on the table.

the good thing about Sendiio is that they give you a full and complete step-by-step training videos on Exactly how to set up your account.

You’ll be able to look over our shoulder as we walk you through Every step of the process to ensure you get Maximum deliverability with Sendiio.

Basic Packages available:

depending on your needs you may want a specific task you want to do so here are your options.

Sendiio Personal:

Facebook Email
Price : $87


Sendiio Agency:

Facebook Email Contact
Price : $97

now if you have $10 to spare i would advise you with the agency pack since it’s a one time it would be better to get the most of it.

Limited time Bonuses:


Agency Access Included for a LIMITED-TIME ($997 value)

Are you running FB ads, Google Ads, YouTube ads or ANY other kinds of ads for your clients? Why not offer to take over their ENTIRE follow-up strategy via email, Text and FB Messenger and INSTANTLY add additional profit to your agencies bottom line AND to your client bottom line as well? It’s the ultimate WIN-WIN. With Sendiio, now you can!

(This bonus disappears on February 24th at midnight)


Twitter Autoresponder Update ($97/month Value)

Yup, BEFORE you even join Sendiio, we ALREADY have plans to make Sendiio even BETTER! One update we have planned over the next 30 days is to add Twitter Direct Message automation. With this you’ll have the two BIGGEST Social platforms FULLY-AUTOMATED and at your fingertips.

(This bonus disappears on February 26th at midnight)


Ringless Voicemail Drops Update ($97/month Value)

Not one, but TWO powerful updates planned over the next 30 days. We also plan to add ringless voicemail drops to Sendiio. Ringless Voicemail drops are one of the MOST powerful forms of marketing today. This update will allow you to create campaigns that go DIRECTLY to the MOST used device of your customers. You’ll be able to tap into texts AND their voicemails.

(This bonus disappears on February 26th at midnight)


LIVE 90-Minute Training Session ($497 value)

On top of an ALREADY amazing software tool, we’ll be going the EXTRA mile here and putting together a LIVE, 90-minute training session where we’ll be showing you EXACTLY how to hit the ground running with Sendiio.


Unlock a PRIVATE 20% Discount Code to Be Used for ANY one of our Upgrade offers

As a thank you for trusting your autoresponder needs to Sendiio AND joining during our Charter-members week, you’ll also be able to get an EXCLUSIVE 20% discount code to be used for on ANY one of our upgrade offers. The upgrade offers are explained in the FAQ’s below AND you’ll be able to see each one once you join Sendiio.

(This bonus disappears on February 26th at midnight)

Demo Videos:

The overview of Sendiio :


The email demo of Sendiio:


The SMS demo of Sendiio:


The Facebook demo of Sendiio:


conclusion: Sendiio review

Sendiio itself is pretty decent if you are looking for a way to automatize your costumer service work and/or make it easier for your workers as you go and do more important things.

Due to its low/one time fee price it is really convenient and time/cost efficient.

they also have a 30-days money back Guarantee so you can always get your money back if you change your mind.

So it can make you skyrocket your business and is a great tool to scale with but only if have a good working business already.

else, if you are just starting with your journey i would advise you to invest that money in yourself to get more knowledge.



Value for money


Ease of use


Features and Fuctions




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