Why ProfitMail?

Well ProfitMail, as with email in general, is an important tool that is used in nearly all sectors because of its speed and convenience. The fact that a lot of exchanges are done through email; it means billions of people have emails. Email is also important in marketing.

You can use it as a medium to reach and inform your target audience, customers, and clients. However, without the right tool, emailing can become tedious and ineffective. Fortunately, Mike has developed game-changer software known as ProfitMail.

This amazing software is meant to make your mailing hassle-free and profitable.

What is ProfitMail?

ProfitMail is cloud-based software that allows you to upload your list and carry out the mailing process in a matter of seconds. You can think of it as an autoresponder that allows you to write emails and deliver them to a lot of users quite fast.

In this way, you can take your mailing experience to another level. According to the developers and experts, you are guaranteed a smooth mailing experience, and you get to enjoy high-converting features and commissions.

How to Use ProfitMail

This software is developed for both newbies and experts. The developers have gone further to provide detailed training on how you can create emails that convert. When you log into the dashboard, you can check your lists, subscribers, and campaigns.

The main modules of ProfitMail are Campaigns, Lists, Templates, Automations, and Sending. Whenever you want to create a new campaign, you just go to the Campaigns tab. After this, you will choose your email list and compose your message.

You can also important unlimited subscribers and emails to your list. The good thing about this email software is that it allows you to sort your list based on niche or demographics. You have access to several email layouts and templates.

Moreover, you can add the template you want.

ProfitMail Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Use
    ProfitMail is designed for all types of users. It is easy software to use that can make your email marketing easier. The easy-to-use features distinguish this email software from the rest. Also, your security is guaranteed. Your online resources are protected from being accessed by unauthorized persons. The fact that it sends data quickly; it can save you a lot of time.
  • Automated
    Automation is another feature that is provided by ProfitMail. There are several DFY email templates you can use to send your messages. You only need to adjust the emails to suit your campaigns and requirements. In addition, you can check the list of mailed receivers and files. This allows you to analyze data easily and faster.
  • Wide Integrations
    You can integrate ProfitMail with various email partners, such as Sendgrid, Sendmail, Mailgun, Amazon, and more. This allows you to manage your emails and data more effectively.
  • Great Conversions
    You have the opportunity to make huge commissions. Most of the users have been enjoying an average 50% conversion without spending any extra dime. You will find the tool to be effective in helping you get leads and conversions.


The truth is that ProfitMail is a powerful email platform that allows you to send unlimited emails and run unlimited campaigns. When you use this software to send promotional emails, you are likely to enjoy conversions of up to 50%.

Well, get this email software today and post your results.

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