What Is Cliqly?

Cliqly is an email marketing platform that allows people to join and start their email marketing journey with them.

Bobby Jones, president and one of the founding members of Cliqly, has been building his email marketing business for over 25 years. During that time email marketing and indeed his business has gone through massive changes.

Email marketing is an ever-changing/evolving industry. Even to the point that what worked 12 months ago is not working, or not working as well today, so it’s a constant battle to keep the business up-to-date, relevant and effective as a marketing tool suitable for today and into tomorrow.

Although not exactly correct, Cliqly is effectively a closed system where everything you need to earn an income on their system is contained within their site.

How Cliqly Works

At it’s core, Cliqly is about email marketing, in general to the BizOp niche.

They have a huge number of email subscribers (currently sitting a little below 20 million) who have signed up in a number of places to receive emails about money-making opportunities.

As  a new user, you generally come in as a Free 5 Day Trial member and are given the following to prove to you that the system works!

  • 5,000 email subscribers to start with
  • 200,000 List Building credits – used to increase your subscriber list
  • A selection of 100’s of “Creative” emails to send – Some call these templates.
  • The ability to send 75,000 emails each day to your subscribers – aka Openers.
  • Video tutorials on exactly what to do and when.

Now, for everyone that clicks the link in one of your emails you earn 10 cents. Although this doesn’t sound much, it does quickly add up due to the sheer number of emails being sent.

Basically, all you need to do is pick how many of your subscribers to send to, select the actual email you want to send and then schedule when you want to send them. Simple!

Cliqly utilizes built-in CPC (Cost Per Click – The $0.10 link) & CPA (Cost Per Action) links as well as the ability to send subscribers to your own links,

This article will concentrate on the CPC side of things as this will be what most people will start with.

Three Things Are Required For A Successful Email Marketing Business

  1. Subscribers – These are your customers
  2. A proven Offer – Your 10 cent link
  3. A Cost-effective way to send emails

Cliqly provides all these things and more.

How Do You Get More Subscribers

Like any email list, subscribers come and go. If you simply stuck with the 5,000 free subscribers plus the additional ones picked up during the free trial, you would find that over a fairly short period that list would simply stagnate. People would simply stop clicking your links, ignore your emails or simply unsubscribe.

As your subscribers are your customers, you need to regularly find new customers. Fortunately, Cliqly offers you a cost-effective way to build your list which in turn keeps your list fresh.

YES, you do have to pay for List Building credits but it really is very good value for money.

What is The 10 Cent Link

Cliqly has a number of these CPC offers that you send your subscribers to and for each person that clicks the link in your email, you make 10 cents. Your subscribers don’t have to enter any information or click on any buttons, they simply have to land on a page and you get paid.

You DO NOT get to choose which offer they go to. It is all automated. Those offers are varied and are from other marketers that pay Cliqly (more than 10 cents) every time someone lands on their page.

Cliqly makes money and so do you.

These Emails Won’t Make You Rich!

Cliqly isn’t doing this out of the goodness of their heart. They get paid by the offer providers every time someone clicks on one of their links. 10 cents for each of those clicks goes to you.

The offer provider makes money (or gets their desired result), Cliqly get paid and You get paid.

Is It Really Free

Many claim you can do Cliqly for absolutely free! That is NOT correct.

You have a chance to use a Free 5 Day Trial which DOES make you money providing that you send the emails as per the training.

The free trial gives you plenty of credits (200,000 list building credits and 500,000 CliqlyPro credits), but it isn’t enough to hit that $300 mark you need to earn before you can get paid. This is no different to affiliate marketing where a minimum earning threshold must be reached before you can withdraw any earnings.

Once those free credits are exhausted you have a decision to make. Do you upgrade or not.

The upgrade price is a one-time fee of $97 which includes 200,000 List Building Credits and 500,000 Pro emails.

How to Make Real Money with Cliqly

Like any business, you usually start small and expand when you can.

Unless you have $1,000’s to invest up front, you simply grow as you earn. Investing part of your profit into building your business and this WILL take time.
I invested a minimal amount and more that recouped my investment in a little under a month.

Over a 7 week period, I had more than earned double what I had invested.

The 10 cent link won’t make you rich initially but it will more than pay for itself. But, as with any business, the more you can sell the more you can earn.

There are different levels (tiers) that allow you to send different amounts of emails to your subscribers  each day.
From Tier 1 (100,000 emails to 30,000 subscribers) through to Tier 10 (1,000,000 emails to over 900,000 subscribers).
You can only imagine how much you would be making if you were at Tier 10.

There is a referral program. This gives you the ability to promote the Cliqly program to friends, family etc. Anyone that signs up for the free trial will be placed under you. If they upgrade to a Pro member for $97, YOU get paid the whole $97. Some have made $1,000’s from this but it is a bonus and should not be relied upon to build your business.

As an addition way to increase your earnings, there is also a companion to Cliqly which is MyInboxPro.

This is an option to use to send additional emails to your list each day. It comes at a cost, but that cost is offset by List Building credits added to your Cliqly account each month (equivalent to the cost of MyInboxPro). And your subscribers can be automatically transferred into you MyInboxPro account to simplify the emailing process.

MyInboxPro is particularly suited to sending clicks your your own offer/page or simply to your 10 cent Link.

Build Your Email List

The more subscribers on your list, the more likely you are to get clicks, right?
So, using the email List Building side of the platform is a good idea. You can build up your email list and that will increase the chances of getting commissions on the site.

Use Your Own Affiliate Link

The platform allows you to include your own affiliate link (especially MyInboxPro). You should aim to promote something in the money-making niche as that’s what people on these lists are expecting.

The only issue with this is that you DO NOT get the 10 cent click and is only really suitable for an offer that will convert well.

Download Your List

As an upgraded member, You can actually download the list of email subscribers. That means you get access to all those people and can send them emails from your own email account.

Creating your own emails means you can still get your commissions on Cliqly. You can also personalize the emails and make sure they pertain to your particular affiliate link. Heck, you could even promote your OWN products, which is really the way to make money.

Promote On Social Media

If you want more referrals, which, let’s face it, you do if you want to make the big bucks, you need to get your link out there. The best way to do this is via social media. Just take a peek at those high rollers on Tiktok and you’ll see that they promote it relentlessly on their accounts.

So, Is Cliqly Legit and Should You Use It?

Cliqly is absolutely legitimate and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is serious about creating an online business.
Building the business really can take less than 10 minutes a day and by investing a percentage of your earning back into the business, your business will grow. Slowly but surely.

However, this is NOT suitable for someone that wants immediate results or can’t be bothered doing a few minutes work a day.

Start Your 5 Day Free Trial NOW


In Depth System Walthrough – From The Cliqly Website

Let’s Talk About How You Make Money

As with any system, I think it is important to let you know realistically how much money you can expect to make. Now, as a caveat, this entire page is just an estimate and we make no guarantees about how much money you will actually make. In the end, we do not know each other yet, so we cannot say for certain. I can tell you this, that if you follow every step in this system, that you will generate clicks and you will earn commissions.  There is no doubt that you will earn commissions…the only question is how much…and that is completely up to you.

To sum it up… we send emails in Cliqly List building to build our list and earn commissions in the most efficient manner ever created… We then send emails to that list through CliqlyPRO in this member’s area.  We then copy our list over to an email-sending company called MyInboxPro to be able to send more emails, to generate even more clicks and commissions.

So Let Me Walk You Through What We Do every day

1.  We send emails from Cliqly List Building which does 2 things.

          a.  It Builds The Most Responsive List Ever – Cliqly is BY FAR the most powerful, cost-effective way to generate and build a list ever developed. When you send emails from the Cliqly system, a portion of those people, WILL Open those emails…right?  Every time someone OPENS an email that you sent from Cliqly, that person is added to your OPENERS List. By adding to your list just the people who actually OPENED an email, means that you have one of the most RESPONSIVE lists ever.  These aren’t leads that haven’t opened or clicked on an email in months…these people opened an email TODAY!

          b.  You Earn Commissions From Anyone Who Clicks On The Link In Your Emails – Same as before when you send emails from Cliqly a number of those people that receive the emails will CLICK on the link in that email…right?   Every time someone clicks on a link in an email you sent, you get paid a commission in your Conversion House Media Account!  Earning commissions in your Conversion House Media account from everyone that CLICKS on an email you send from Cliqly goes a LONG way to offset the costs of building a list.  It’s not uncommon to be able to build an enormous list of subscribers of Cliqly Openers for less than 10 cents each!

2.  Your Openers are Automatically Transferred to your CliqlyPro Email System in this members area, and later, if you wish to your MyInboxPro Email Sending System as well.

B.  CliqlyPRO – In real-time, your list is automatically transferred to CliqlyPRO which is our own Internal Email Sending Company integrated into this members area that allows our Members to send emails to their list every single day!  You start off with credits already in your CliqlyPRO system.  You send emails every day and every time someone clicks on the tracking link inside of any email you send…you get paid… Whether a sale is actually made or not, you still get paid.  There are no monthly fees in CliqlyPRO… you simply send emails every day and when you need more credits simply reload at the cheapest rate anywhere on the internet.  You can get a million credits and send a million emails in CliqlyPRO for about $125.

B – MYINBOXPRO- In addition, if you choose, you can have an Email Sending Account with a company called MyInboxPro where you can send even more emails and earn even more commissions.  Once your MyInboxPro account is set up, you can turn on the Auto Transfer and have your subscribers automatically transferred from Cliqly to your MyInboxPro account.

MyInboxPro is an email-sending company that knows and loves Cliqly customers.  Your sign up for an account and turn on the auto transfer to send your list to your MyInboxPro account where you can send between 30,000 and 200,000 emails a day to your list every single day to generate more clicks and commissions every day!  MyInboxPro accounts start at just $97/month for an account that will allow you to send 30,000 emails a day to your subscribers.  (As a bonus, with any MyInboxPro account, you also receive Free Cliqly List Building Credits depending on which account you choose.)

3.  We Use CliqlyPRO and MyInboxPro to Send Emails Every Day To Our List To Earn MORE Commissions – Since the list is automatically transferred to the CliqlyPRO section of this members area as well as MyInboxPro, we send more emails every day, from each account to our entire list.  So we send between 75,000 and 1,000,000 emails each day in CliqlyPRO and between 30,000 and 200,000 emails a day in MyInboxPro.

Your Conversion House Media Commission Tracking link is in each of those emails and every time someone clicks on a link in one of the emails you sent…you get paid in your Conversion House Media Account. In addition, if you want, you can choose to send the clicks you are generating to your own offer or any other affiliate offer you would like.  You are in total control!


A More Detailed Explanation of How It Works

1. Send Emails Every Day From Cliqly List Building…Build Your List and Get Paid For Every Click You Generate!
The first thing you will do is simply send out emails every day, to people who have requested more information on a product. You now have access to our growing list of over 14 MILLION Email Subscribers to send emails to. We give you the exact emails to send to them, and every time someone clicks on a link in one of your emails, you get paid.

Whether a sale is made or not, you still get paid for every click. It’s very easy and very simple and we give you EVERYTHING you need to make money every single day.
The Cliqly List Building system works on Mailing Credits. So, if your system has 100,000 credits, then you can send an email to 100,000 subscribers. All you need to do is click on the Send Your Email Everyday button and follow the instructions to send your emails every day.

NOTE: The goal with Cliqly List Building is to build your list as big as possible.  The axiom The bigger the list, the more emails are sent… The more emails sent the more clicks are generated… The more clicks generated the more commissions you earn every day. 

You want to send emails every single day in Cliqly List Building, at least until your list is 30,000 subscribers or more.  Then, if you choose you can slow it down, but you should never go more than a few days without sending emails in Cliqly List Building. Keep in mind that as your list grows, so do the limits to how many emails you can send every day in CliqlyPro.  There are 10 different Tier Levels listed in the Cliqly Pro page that shows how many emails can be sent in Cliqly Pro which corresponds to how large your subscriber list is.


You don’t have to send emails every day in Cliqly List Building…you only need to send emails in Cliqly List Building when you want to add new subscribers to your list.  A LOT of people will send emails via Cliqly List Building until they have a list of 30,000 to 50,000 subscribers and then slow down sending in Cliqly List Building and just send their emails every day in CliqlyPRO and MyInboxPro to build their commissions up!  Then once you get paid from Conversion House Media or the list starts to slow down, then go back into Cliqly List Building and send more emails to build your list back up!  You are always in total control.
Please note that the emails sent from Cliqly List Building and Cliqly Pro are sent from OUR system and are NOT sent from your personal email account, so there is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is log in to this members area, and you will be able to send your emails every day, worry-free.
All of the exact emails that we use every day to generate clicks are already loaded into this members area for you in the Send An Email section.
In each of the emails, there is a Unique Tracking link that is tied to your Conversion House Commission Account, and every time someone clicks on that tracking link in one of your emails, YOU GET PAID!
It’s LITERALLY the easiest money you will ever make, and if you send your email every day…you are all but guaranteed to generate clicks and earn money every day!
Every day you get up, send emails from this platform to build your list.   Then you will send emails from CliqlyPro that sends emails to the list you have already built.  Then, if you choose, you can log into your MyInboxPro account and send up to 200,000 emails a day to your entire list every day to generate even more clicks and commissions.  You can send the clicks to your Conversion House Media account to earn instant commissions, or you can send them to any affiliate offer you like.

Note that CliqlyPRO credits are a LOT less expensive than the Cliqly List Building Credits.  The reason why CliqlyPRO credits are less expensive is because at that point, you have already built your list.  You get paid for every click you generate.

The exact strategy on how to send the emails, how many to send, and how to ramp up are all in the CliqlyPro Training.

It’s Very Simple and Very Straight Forward and Every time someone clicks on the Tracking Link in one of your emails, you MAKE MONEY! You’ll be able to see the commissions going up in real-time by clicking the commission’s tab on the left side of the page and logging in to your Conversion House Media Affiliate Account.

To keep building your list, click on the Buy Cliqly List Building Credits!   When you want to continue sending emails every day in CliqlyPRO then simply buy more CliqlyPRO Email Sending Credits and keep emailing, keep generating clicks and keep earning commissions every day!

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